Sustainable Project Solutions

Why Rangeland


Rangeland Environmental Services Ltd. (Rangeland) is a leader in environmental planning and watercourse crossings engineering. We go the extra mile to produce user friendly products that creatively and cost effectively minimize environmental impact while achieving our client's business objectives.

We assist our Clients in successfully acquiring regulatory approvals and completing projects to meet industry requirements and best practices.

About Us

Rangeland is an Airdrie, Alberta Canada based firm incorporated in 1996. We have grown to be a leading provider of environmental and geotechnical services for oil and gas, agricultural, municipal, city, developers and not-for-profit conservation and government sectors over the past 25 years.


Our geographical focus includes projects in southwestern Manitoba, southern Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Our Team
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Our staff includes a multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals. Each individual has a background in specific environmental or engineering disciplines but often collaborate as a team to create solutions for a wide-range of  challenges.


Rangeland is proud to provide professional, friendly and courteous staff whom are well suited to our Clients needs.